Fused Glass is eye catching, durable, and affordable art glass whose beauty lies in its brilliance, sparkling appearance, and beguiling richness of color.

Also known as warm glass or kiln-formed glass, fused glass is created when separate pieces of glass are heated in a kiln until they melt and fuse together into a single piece. The glass is slowly heated, sometimes up to 1600 degrees, and cooled down safely so it does not crack or shatter. The glass can then be re-fired at a lower temperature and slumped or draped over forms to create unique serving pieces, wall and window art, ornaments, jewelry, and free-standing sculptural art.

Heirloom quality jewelry pieces are created by wrapping glass beads and cabochons in 14K rolled gold, sterling or argentium (tarnish restistant) silver, or copper wire. The wire is bent, twisted, looped and tucked to create a unique piece of jewelry. No soldering or heat is used as the wire is all hand and wrist maipulated. Rarely can the same design be duplicated.

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